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Volume 2 Issue 11 November-2013

S.No. Title and Authors of Paper Page.No.
1 An Accurate Model for Optical Burst Switching Core Node Equipped with Wavelength Converter Pool
Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed, Osama M. A. Dardeer
2 Offset Time Management For Fairness Improvement And Blocking Probability Reduction In Optical Burst Switched Networks
Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed, Osama M. A. Dardeer
3 Design of Bowtie Antenna for Wideband Applications
J.I.Chakravarthy, P.Saleem Akram, Dr.T.Venkata Ramana
4 Antennas & Measurement of its parameters
Chandana Viswanadham
5 Floating point multiplier using Canonical Signed Digit
D. Harini Sharma, Addanki Purna Ramesh
6 An Extremely Low Power Consumption Operational Amplifier with High Phase Margin and Gain in 130 nm Technology
Shivani,Mr. Prashant Gupta
7 Stability Analysis of ARM-Based Control of Brushless DC Motors Using Digital PWM Technique
Srinivasan.R, Vinoth.R, Vimala.D, Vinoth.D, Ravindar.S
8 Asynchronous Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using Verilog HDL
Priyanka Koneru,Tinnanti Sreenivasu,Addanki Purna Ramesh
9 Low Power and Area Efficient Multiplier for MAC
M.Jayaprakash, M.Peer Mohamed , Dr.A.Shanmugam
10 High Efficiency Transformer less Inverter for Single-Phase Photovoltaic Systems using Switching Converter
M.Kannan, G.Neelakrishnan,S.Selvaraju, D.Kalidass,Andril Alagusabai, K.Vijayraj
11 Design and Implementation of Low Power Digital FIR Filter Based on Configurable Booth Multiplier
K.Prasanthi, G.V.K.S.Prasad, K.Swarajya Lakshmi