Volume 7 Issue 2 February 2018

S.No. Title and Authors of Paper Page.No.
01 Miniaturized Dual Band Frequency Selective Surface Suitable for C and S Band in Satellite Communication
Snehasish Saha, Sourish Chaterjee, Raju Basak
02 Study & Comparison Analysis of SRAM at 65nm and 90nm Technology
Ms. S.Gayathiri, Dr. Deepak Batra, Mrs. Jyoti Verma
03 Multi-User Detection for FEC-Coded Massive Trellis Coded Modulation MIMO: An Iterative Interference Rejection Approach
B.Mohanakannan, K.Manivel
04 A Brief Review on Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sreelakshmi T.R, Dr. Binu G.S
05 Fractal Tree Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
Amrutha P B, Harikrishnan A I
06 Design and Tuning of Flower pollination algorithm based 2DOF controller in AGC of multi area thermal wind system
P C Nayak, U C Prusty,P C Sahu,R C Prusty
07 BER analysis in OFDM and MIMO system with different channel capacity and long term evolution
Puja Gonde, Rohit Shrivastava, Shweta Gonde
08 Cluster Message Criticality Level Based ZigBee Opportunistic Routing for Smart Energy Home Area Networks
B.Rajeshkanna, Dr. M.Anitha
09 Multilevel Classification Methods For Hyper Spectral Data Interpretation Using SVM
E.Catherin Reichal Jennifer, Dr.K.G.Revathi
10 MIMO-OFDM For Minimization Of Synchronization Errors And Phase Noise
N.Josphin Rose Nebisha, Mrs.S.P.Shally
11 Characteristics of UWB Propagation through Human Being behind a Wall
Kedar Nath Sahu, C. Dhanunjaya Naidu, and K. Jaya Sankar
12 Application of Digital Image Processing in Healthcare Analysis based on Hand Image
P.Sreelatha, Mohana Priya.V.M, Jenifer.S, Muthumani.P, Minisha.M
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